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Singaporeans aspire to be "one united people, regardless of race, language and religion". Yet, we avoid talking about the tensions that lie beneath the surface.
And it gets tiring - to go on as if it's all perfect when it's not.


Which is why we want to work things out, to tackle these issues head-on.


It starts with deceptively simple acts of human interactions - a conversation;
to get to know each other, beyond labels and stereotypes.


A centrist NGO, we are committed to creating safe spaces for people to see each other as humans first. Whether it's through dialogue, sports or the arts, we are about building a socially cohesive society that transcends religious, racial and social barriers.
These, even as we continue to promote responsible advocacy and activism in Singapore.

This is who we are.


We are The Whitehatters.

HYFY Limited (UEN: 201423780G) is a registered charity with the Commissioner of Charities (Singapore) and The Whitehatters is a division under this organisation.


We do the work because it needs to be done.​
While it's nice to be recognised for what we do,
what's more important is to be able to effect real change.
Because the cause is always greater than any person or organisation.


L'importance des relations interreligieuses à Singapour

Le Petite Journal

17 April 2024

Perkasa wanita dengan perkuat rohani, ilmu dan sumbangan masyarakat

Berita Harian

6 Mar 24


Jadi ‘penghubung masyarakat’ demi tangani isu sosial dengan berkesan

Berita Harian

29 Nov 23

Toolkit launched to help sex abuse survivors, including male victims

The Straits Times

12 Nov 23

Healing As A Community: Why We Need To Have More Support Groups For Sexual Assault Survivors

Her World

7 Nov 23

Speech by Minister in Prime Minister’s Office, Second Minister for Education and Second Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr Mohamad Maliki Osman during the Parliamentary Motion on the Israel-Hamas Conflict, 6 November 2023


6 Nov 23

Mangsa serangan seksual digalak buat laporan

Berita Harian

5 Nov 23

Takut tak dipercayai, malukan keluarga antara sebab mangsa enggan lapor keganasan seksual

Berita Harian

5 Nov 23

Mangsa serangan seksual diberi sokongan hadapi trauma

Berita Harian

5 Nov 23

Finding a safe space to talk about sex

Channel News Asia 93.8

16 Mar 23

New online platform launched to empower women in Southeast Asia to discuss sex & relationships safely


14 Mar 2023

Tangani radikalisme dari mula, perkasa belia menerusi dialog

Berita Harian

28 Feb 23

News analysis: Be concerned but no need to be 'panicky' over trend of self-radicalised youth in Singapore, say experts, community groups

Today Online

2 Feb 23

Humanity Beyond the Labels

The Karyawan -
Professionals for the Community

18 Jan 23


One United People


2 Dec 22

Beneath The Surface


20 Nov 22

Racial & Religious Harmony


19 Nov 22

Beneath the Surface: A Civic Conversation on Race and Religion


19 Nov 22

Civic Conversations Toolkit Launched to Help Young People Discuss Race & Religion

The Straits Times

19 Nov 22

National Day Package 2022 


1 Aug 22

Agree to Disagree

Today Online

8 Jul 22

Jadi 'mata' dan 'telinga' jiran, kesan mangsa dera

Berita Harian

8 May 22

Asking tough questions, faithfully: How women deal with inequality when talking about religion

The Pride

(Singapore Kindness Movement)

21 Apr 22

Proses beku telur selamat tapi ada risiko, implikasi sosial ke atas anak: Pakar

Berita Harian

16 Apr 22

Male allyship: What it is, why it's important for gender equality and how women can participate


25 Mar 22

With LGBTQ+ Issues, Can Singapore Churches Ever Be Civil and Kind?

Rice Media
9 Feb 22

Community support ramped up to help victims of family and sexual violence in S'pore

The New Paper
8 Feb 22

Community support ramped up to help victims of family and sexual violence in S'pore

The Straits Times
8 Feb 22

Church leaders discuss hurt, trauma faced by LGBTQ people in dialogue session

Today Online
15 Jan 22

Salur rasa geram, marah kepada perkara positif

Berita Harian
1 Jan 22


Ayuh luah pandangan demi pupuk persefahaman

Berita Harian
8 August 2021

Lawyers start initiative to provide free legal advice for women who face sexual harassment and violence

The Straits Times
6 June 2021

Gangguan seksual: Wanita perlu tahu hak undang-undang

Berita Harian
31 May 2021

Let's move from tolerance to acceptance

The Home Ground
23 April 2021

Is S'pore ready for another terror attack, 30 years after SQ117 hijacking?

The Straits Times
28 March 2021

Casa Raudha kembangkan khidmat tangani isu keganasan domestik

Berita Harian
3 March 2021

Oral reply to Parliamentary Questions

Ministry of Home Affairs
16 February 2021

Many Singaporeans step up to give their time, money to the needy

The Straits Times
6 January 2021

A safe space: Let's talk about it

University of Malaya
3 January 2021


Pererat ikatan warga SG, pekerja asing melalui memasak

Berita Harian
30 December 2020

Charity initiative brings migrant workers and Singaporeans together through food

The Straits Times
13 December 2020

A Holding Space

La Salle College of the Arts
11 December 2020

New report shares insights with new citizens on what it means to be Singaporean

Asia Newsday
28 November 2020

Program pengenalan bagi rakyat baru diperbaharui Januari depan

Berita Harian
28 November 2020

“I have more than 200 scars from cutting myself”

The Pride
16 November 2020

New campaign to offer online support to sexual abuse survivors

The Straits Times
10 November 2020

Singapore Today – What to do if you’re sexually harassed at work

CNA 93.8
5 November 2020

Webinar percuma buka tirai kempen sokong, didik dan perkasa mangsa aniaya seks

Berita Harian
29 October 2020

Casa Raudha Women Home’s Focus Group Discussion on “End Domestic Violence; Work With Me – Muslim Men’s Perspective”

Speech by Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of National Development
12 September 2020

Hentikan keganasan rumah tangga, tanggungjawab kita bersama

Berita Harian
7 September 2020

Bantu atasi keganasan rumah tangga bukan soal 'kepo'

Berita Harian
7 September 2020

Everybody wants to belong

Our SG
20 August 2020

N.O.W 2020

Tworks Singapore

24 June 2020

INISIATIF KEMASYARAKATAN SILANG AGAMA: Paparan semangat #SGUnited dalam meniti krisis Covid-19

Berita Harian
26 April 2020

Rancang derma wang yang diterima dari Belanjawan Kesepakatan

Berita Harian
9 April 2020

PERSONALITI SILANG AGAMA: 'Landasan' bagi galak perbincangan berbilang agama

Berita Harian
15 March 2020


Building cohesive societies for a brighter, shared future

Speech by Minister Grace Fu
International Panel of Parliamentarians for Freedom of Religion or Belief
30 October 2019

Parliament: Laws for social harmony needed, but personal efforts vital too, says Grace Fu

The Straits Times
8 October 2019

Parliament: Laws necessary but not sufficient to protect social harmony, says Grace Fu

The Straits Times
7 October 2019

One man’s take on racism

9 August 2019

Deepening partnerships in the integration journey

Speech by Minister Grace Fu
National Integration Council
3 August 2019

Participants share racism experiences at dialogue

The Straits Times
24 June 2019

A strong, cohesive society built on goodwill, trust and confidence

Parliamentary speech by Ms Grace Fu, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth 
1 April 2019

Together, making Singapore home

Speech by Minister Grace Fu, Committee of Supply Debate 2019
8 March 2019


Catholic News Issue 26 2018

Catholic News – Page 13 Ask Me Anything on Catholicism,
23 December 2018

Hubungan kukuh antara kaum, agama penting bagi pelihara fabrik sosial

Berita Harian,

28 October 2018

Tanya apa saja demi persefahaman

Berita Harian,

20 May 2018

Ask them anything on inter-faith discourse

The New Paper,

9 May 2018

Media Mentions
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