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No one can possibly be aware of all the problems and challenges confronting us. There are many worthy causes that fly under the radar for lack of awareness.

We Need To Do This is the platform to take action and raise awareness. It empowers concerned Singaporeans with the tools to develop initiatives – like events - to raise awareness of issues they care about but are often overlooked by most people.

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A Holding Space -
A Campaign Against Sexual Abuse

24 August 2020 to 31 October 2021


A year-long campaign for victims / survivors of sexual abuse. A public awareness initiative to educate the public on the signs of sexual abuse and also the assistance that is available for those who need it. It was also about encouraging others to lend their support for victims of sexual abuse. A space to listen without judgement and be present for those who need help.

It's Time.
Know Your Legal Rights

30 May 2021


A closed-door women-only dialogue session for those who have been sexually harassed or defamed, particularly victims of the recent online denigration (online poll). The session was intended to help participants to understand their legal options, from when a police report is filed, to what happens during the proceedings in a criminal court and whether it's possible to sue someone (civil action).


Youth In Action -
Mentoring Through Football

15 July 2020 to 29 January 2021

Training Venue: Singapore University of Social Sciences 

End Domestic Violence.
It Starts With Me.

8 May to 7 November 2020


This national campaign is about getting the community involved in the campaign against domestic violence.

Extended periods of time spent with one's family during the pandemic, particularly in a confined space, may inadvertently lead to rising tensions and conflict at home.


Heal Thyself: Chiropractic Exercises

1 August 2020 - 31 August 2020


Diversity.SG: Fake News

23 June 2019

The Fairmont Ballroom

A public workshop that looked to how fake news or misinformation can affect social harmony was part of the International Conference of Cohesive Societies in 2019.

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The Preppers

21 March 2019

The Red Velvet @ Village Hotel Bugis

The Preppers is a programme designed and developed specifically to help prepare religious and community leaders in guiding their peers, followers and/or personal networks on the best ways to respond when (and not if) a terror attack happens in Singapore. This full-day workshop is an effort to continue building resilience within the community and contribute to the readiness of the larger community in the event of a terror attack.

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