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Sometimes, before public awareness can be raised on the issues at stake, there needs to be a conversation on difficult and sensitive topics.

To that end, Let’s Talk About It is set to be a platform for us to start conversations on contemporary sensitive socio-religious issues and (use the platform) to encourage and enable positive actions to take place.


Race, Religion & Integration

To ensure that national conversations on race and religion strengthen the resilience of the people and not cause divisiveness requires a calibrate approach – the reason behind this project.

We are developing a toolkit that will be the basis for piloting a series of workshops to empower educators; community and business leaders; and social activists with the necessary knowledge and sensibilities with regards to the multi-racial and multi-religious landscape of Singapore.

Content Creation on Race & Religion for National Heritage Board (NHB)

June – July 2022

Social Media Platforms

A collaboration with NHB to create and develop content for social media engagement as part of Racial Harmony Month 2022.

Giving a Speech

Fast DateIng

23 April 2022

Lifelong Learning Institute

A ‘speed-dating’ style event to understand what fasting means for people across different faiths.

“Can I be a Queer Christian?”

Sunday, 15 January 2022

Inspire Church Singapore

With the LGBTQ issue becoming increasingly divisive in the recent years, there is an urgent need to bring the opposing groups; those who identify as or are supporters of LGBTQ with those who feels strongly against and/or not accepting of the community, together to a common ground. This dialogue attempted just that.


Diversity.SG: Stereotype, Prejudice & Bias

Sunday, 23 June 2019

The Fairmont Ballroom

A public workshop exploring stereotype, prejudice and bias was part of the International Conference of Cohesive Societies in 2019.

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